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The Secret To Getting More Leads At A Dramatically Lower Cost Per Lead Than You Thought Possible!

“There’s a big difference between an advertising campaign and a lead generation campaign.”  –Neeraj Varma

     An advertising campaign concentrates on “getting your name out there” while a lead generation campaign measures success by the number of leads you closed as a result of the campaign.  

     This slight difference in the way you think about your advertising efforts will make a huge difference to your bottom line.  

     When you start thinking about a lead generation campaign you have to take into consideration how people are going to respond to your advertising.  

     Did you see the word I used?  

     I said “respond”.  When was the last time you put out advertising purposefully designed to get a response instead of just “brand awareness”? 

     Brand awareness will automatically build when you have a long list of potential buyers that have expressed an interest in doing business with you. 

     Think of how many sales you would get if you focused on building a list of qualified prospects instead of “top of mind awareness” among people who aren’t in the market for your services.

     Neeraj Varma designs campaigns around a “sales process”.  This gives you a list of people who are actively interested in your products and services. 

     Marketing to a known list of people who are actively in the market for what you offer is a lot cheaper and much more profitable than any “building your brand” advertising could ever be.  

     Let Neeraj Varma show you how to put a lead generation campaign together for your business.

     If you have never done a coordinated lead generation campaign involving online or offline advertising, social networking and email marketing you have been missing out on a TON of business.

     Get your business on the fast track to more profits and less advertising cost today.  Call Neeraj Varma at 403-620-8902.      

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Marketing Services Offered By Neeraj Varma

  • Lead Generation Campaign

    Design a system to get a steady stream of leads using a combination of offline and online advertising, social marketing, email marketing and direct mail strategies.

  • Dominate SEO Search Engine Optimization

    Get several listings on the first page of a Google search. If one lising gets you some business, why not have five or more listings on the same page? Your competitors will hate you for this but you'll get a TON of business!

  • SEM Search Engine Marketing (PPC, Adwords)

    Get business instantly whenever you need it with an online campaign targeted to people who are looking to buy "right now".